El Paso Half Ironman Triathlon

This is the first time in my life I feel like a runner!

I see how the training is bearing fruit little by little. Despite not being a planned race and the decision to run it was days before I believe that everything came out better than I thought. Going to run a half marathon to a major effort without more rest is not something I like but the situation was given, so had to deal.

I made rookie mistakes like not warming up because I’m late. I go off like a crazy goat, do not calculate my nutrition, and fall in a bad place at km 18 where I lost a lot of time that was already unrecoverable. Also, the very fact of having had a hard week of training felt in my legs.

What I can highlight is that my fitness is where I want it. I had a lot of patience and I kept within 85-87% FCM which did not burn me in the way I had gone before so I could keep up the speed all the time.

Every training session I realize that I am getting stronger mentally, keep in mind always the ultimate goal is what motivates always to give the best. I knew that this race was not my priority and I had to work hard but I was not going to kill for a training.

I knew that Monday had rest but on Tuesday there was hammer again so I was very patient and I restrained myself and did not fall in and go out too hard. I have some experience in this so I had a clear strategy.

Obviously always grateful to my partners like Newton running, they are simply the best shoes out there and period! GU energy labs for nutrition, Recovery Pump for the maintenance that I give to the legs with the boots! KJ fisiosport to put in order all the preparation and to have the best technology to train, and TRISPORTS who have everything!