Flying Low and Staying Cool


Training without much noise and fulfilling the task under the radar. They canceled 2 races that I was planning to compete in. (Houston and Rock Hard). Trying to look at the positive side leaves me in better shape to prepare for Rev Tri Venice in November.

I have resumed the physical and mental form to be able to face another block of training. I’ve been trying to incorporate some new things. My coach feels like cross training will be really beneficial. So I’m going to hit the gym and do some rowing and maybe a yoga class or two.

I’m training very calmly. I finally understand how hard it is to get back from an operation. And because I was trying to speed things up, it just does not work. It’s a process that takes time is not easy to recover the physical form.

What motivates me most of all is that the girl is going to compete too, so putting an extra purpose to the training makes it more fun.