I Need a New Watch

So today I’m in the market for a new watch. This one will mainly be used for running, so I’m not too worried about buying something super-expensive or fancy.

I really just want a watch that will tell me my pace and distance plus have a few extra bells and whistles to make my training more fun.

I’ve noticed recently that my running has been in a rut. I can out there but just don’t have a lot of motivation. If you aren’t motivated, you won’t have great runs. And if your runs don’t go well, then you won’t be fully trained.

In past years, I’ve really struggled in the run portion of the triathlon. I’ve been able to get out to a strong lead in the swim and then passed a few more people on the bike. But it seems like they all pass me back during the run.

I know this isn’t really true! But it just feels that way. When you get passed at the end of the race, it just saps your mental energy. It becomes a grind to get back to the finish line.

So I’m thinking a nice, shiny toy will be the carrot to get me back in my running groove. My coach agrees and since I use Training Peaks, I need something that will sync up nicely.

I’ve narrowed it down to a Garmin – because those GPS watches are the best. And I’m deciding between three models. The Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, and the Forerunner 735XT.

They are basically the same except the 235 and 735XT have heart rate in the wrist. From what my coach has told me – and others have backed this up – that heart rate isn’t so accurate.

That make me lean towards the Forerunner 230. You can get heart rate with this watch anyway – you just need to wear a chest strap. Which I don’t mind doing. Otherwise, when comparing the Garmin 230 vs 235 – not a big difference. They even look the same!

But the Forerunner 735XT allows me to track swimming and easily switches between activities. This will make it good for races. I’ve been reading that it’s one of the top tri watches, too.

I guess my mind is made up, right?

Ha, to think I needed to write down all these words to figure it out.

New update!!

I’ve added a third choice to my watch selection, which I updated in this post. Thinking that maybe I need something for triathlons, specifically a watch I can swim with. Again my coach thinks better swim training will result in a better races. There is only one true indicator: results!!!