Why You Need a Training Plan or Coach

If you have decided to take the triathlon, or any of their disciplines, serious, first thing to accept is that you need a coach, regardless of the level you are at. From beginners to elites like Lindsey Corbin, there is always someone who knows something that you do not know and above all it is important to have objectivity when analyzing your training.

Another thing is that it is very important that the training is personalized and is according to your characteristics and fit you, not your training.

Above all, it is trusting in training and having the clear objective of each session so it is easier to concentrate and to ensure that each session counts.

In my case I have noticed how this is slowly giving me results. It is essential to be disciplined and stick to the plan and meet the zones. Because at the end of the day this is what will mark the success on the day of the race, be very patient and always take into account the final goal.

TRUST is where everything is based on your coach and the plan that has designed for you, you get what you pay for.

If you want to download a free or paid internet plan (like this one) you will have that same result. Be very patient and always take into account the final goal.