There is nothing better than a new challenge and something new to motivates you more.  They have been complicated weeks but when a door closes a window is opened.

The XTERRA ECUADOR is coming, a race that has given me the motivation to give it my best. This is great as it falls into a gap where it became complicated to find motivation but now with this race a few days my mojo has returned.

Since I started in the triathlon I always wanted to compete in an “Off road” race because my origins are on the MTB. But I always went for the sexy side of the sport: The aero bike, the aero helmet, the hoops of carbon keeping me afloat over the road.

Now with the opportunity to compete in a the brand new XTERRA in one of the best beaches of Ecuador… it could be said that it is a dream come true!!

So we see each other in the friars !!!